Natural Breast Enlargement – Breast Actives Can Actually Enlarge Your Breasts!

If you’re a woman who was born with breasts that you’re not happy with, then you’re not alone. Many women have these same concerns. Some of these concerns, that may seem totally superficial to some people, can actually be a cause of severe low self confidence and even depression in some women. The fact is that if you’re not happy with the way that you look, it’s your prerogative whether or not you want to take the necessary steps to change that thing.

Natural Breast Enlargement Pills/Creams

Breast Actives Pills and Cream
Breast Actives System

We live in a time when breast enlargement has come a long way. Although the common and most definite solution is surgery using implants, some women have put their faith into much safer, and completely non-invasive solutions. Natural breast enlargement pills have been a subject of speculation since their arrival on the scene. Breast Actives is one such natural breast enhancement system comprising pills and cream that, day after day, women are willing to try and see if the promises are true.

So how does it work?

Well, natural breast enlargement pills contain just that – natural ingredients which are meant to enhance a woman’s breast by stimulating their own bodies to grow the breasts larger. The theory behind how Breast Actives works is that breasts have natural estrogen receptors, which are the chemical in the body that are responsible for causing breasts to grow. When a girl goes through puberty, the body starts to generate the female hormone, estrogen. the estrogen receptors attract estrogen, which triggers the mammary glands to grow tissue – therefore increasing breast size.

Natural breast enlargement pills and cream aim to mimic this growth process of puberty to generate more breast tissue. These pills and creams contain plant extracts that are rich in substances known as phytoestrogens, which are naturally occurring estrogen-like substances in certain specific plants. These phytoestrogens get attracted to the breasts estrogen receptors which again stimulate the process of growth in the breasts. This happens much in the same way as a young woman’s breasts would naturally grow when entering puberty. What often happens however is that as women begin to take in toxins from all of the stuff in our air, as well as foods, etc., the receptors basically become blocked and hence the growth and fullness of the breasts cease.

The ingredients that contain these phyto-estrogens such as saw palmetto, wild yam, and fennel seed contain large amounts of the chemicals, and as a woman takes the breast enlargement pills the receptors are cleaned up, and they begin to react normally again, and therefore start to attract the natural plant based estrogen that’s now in their bloodstream.

After a woman begins taking the natural breast enlargement pills, the average time it takes is about 5 to 8 weeks before she may start seeing results. It can happen faster – it generally depends on the woman’s own natural metabolism and the way her body works.

Some women may start to feel fullness of the breasts even sooner at about 3 to 4 weeks. Actual growth on the other hand usually starts at about the third month. From that point on a woman could actually go on to grow anywhere from between half of a cup size to two cup sizes. Again, it will differ from woman to woman how she reacts to the pills and how they affect her body and growth.

The thing about natural breast enlargement pills is that they’re safe. Most basically contain nothing more than plant based ingredients though it’s very wise to research the ingredients and check with a physician as some herbs and vitamins can affect other medicines, as well as cause allergic reaction.

For the most part they’re safe and it may be worth giving them a try.