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HS’58 Celebrates Golden Jubilee Homecoming

I came home looking for the young boy in me who just wanted to be happy with friends..” Dr. Salvador Cecilio, Class Valedictorian of Batch ’58 said as he addressed his thirty-four (34) other classmates, a handful of Golden Knights, family members and friends at the Avenue Plaza Hotel during their Golden Jubilee Homecoming last March 28, 2008. 

“Badong” as his classmates call him came all the way from Hawaii to attend the March 28-30, 2008 celebration of Batch ’58.  Other US-based graduates who arrived were Celso de la Cruz, Ben Antioquia, Henry Imperial, Alberto Serrano, Levino Segarra, Jose Enojado, Jr. and Hermes Tena.  A special arrival was Roberto Cecilia and his wife.

The celebration began with a simple ritual for the thirty-five who have passed away and a thanksgiving mass at the Bigg’s Clubhouse in Concepcion Pequeña.  HARAMBUGAN followed by the pool-side while dining and singing their favorite songs.

The following day, a visit to the main campus, tree-planting at the Pacol High School Campus, and gift-giving at the Villa Marillac Home for the aged was organized by AdNUAA President Remi Manchus.  Afterwards, they all became guests at the weekly radio program of their classmate, Joe Grageda.  A formal dinner graced by the presence of Golden Jubilarians, Mrs. Amelita Zaens and Vicky San Andres of the “school across the street” capped the day.  Special guests were other Golden Knights, Florencio Prieto of Class ’47, Esmeraldo Calara and Evelio Badiola of Class’50, the Macandogs, Perfing Palacio and Tony Factora of Class ’52, Dr. Alnor dela Rosa and Tony Amparado of class’56 and Chito Villegas of Class’57.  In Memoriam, a power point presentation provided a few solemn moments of prayer and remembering of those who are home.  It was followed by a presentation of THEN and NOW – which featured their HS graduation pictures and 50-years-later photos especially prepared by Nonong Llorin.  Bert Serrano, alias “Elvis Presley”, provided rock music and much fun.  They sang, talked, and danced to their hearts’ content, just like the good old days.

On the last day of their reunion, they celebrated together with other alumni, family and friends a special Thanksgiving Mass presided by Fr. Francisco Mallari, S.J. at the University Church.  This was followed by a sumptuous lunch at the home of Hermes Tena in Milaor which provided more time for bonding before finally parting ways.  The group decided to get organized in order to sustain the gains of the celebration.  Matt Carbonell, Batch ’58 President, turned over the leadership to Nonong Llorin who was elected next President.

Looking through the pages of the Jubilee Souvenir Programs, so ably produced and published by Ting Sanchez and Remi Manchus, most of the Golden Knights of 2008 said, “Coming together was great, we should have done this twenty-five years ago.” 







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