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The Ministry of Jesuit Communications

When Vatican II mandated the indigenization of the Holy Mass, Fr. Eddie Hontiveros, SJ, got to work and began composing simple Filipino hymns for the Mass. His work caught on, and today his songs are used for praise and worship wherever and whenever Filipinos gather to pray. His version of Papuri has been sung at St. Peter’s Basilica, and Pananagutan, with the moving lines, "Walang sinuman ang nabubuhay para sa sarili lamang," has become a modern classic.

Younger Jesuits have since followed in the footsteps of Fr. Honti. The music of Frs. Fruto Ramirez, Nemy Que, Danny Isidro, Manoling Francisco, and Arnel Aquino have also become part of the Filipino liturgical experience. They all continue to make beautiful music, and their songs are popularized by the resident artists of the Jesuit Music Ministry (JMM): Bukas Palad, Hangad, Himig Heswita, and Noel Cabangon. A series of instrumental albums of Jesuit music has also become very popular. Lauds features Arnel Aquino, SJ, on piano. Vespers features different artists on flute and guitar, while Matins features a string quartet.

In these last months of 2003, Bukas Palad will release a pop inspirational album that features Regine Velasquez and Lea Salonga. Kapayapaan, an album produced by Gerard Salonga, features Jesuit songs performed by artists such as The Company, Celeste Legaspi, Bituin Escalante, and May Bayot. Himig Heswita has just released an album of all-new liturgical songs called O Bayan ng Diyos. Early this year, they released Krus at Muling Pagkabuhay which contains fourteen melodies of the Pasyon; the album is an attempt to preserve and promote the Filipino tradition of singing the story of Christ during Lent.

Unknown to many, the JMM is organized under the Jesuit Communications Foundation, Inc. (JesCom), a non-stock, non-profit organization involved in evangelization through the creative use of media. JesCom fulfills her mission through several channels.

Aside from the JMM which is quite well-known, video production is an important strength of JesCom, and video documentary is its standard format. The productions are primarily educational in nature. The themes range from Jesuit and spiritual topics (for instance, San Ignacio P’wera Bola, Speaking of Marriage, the twin videos on religious and priestly vocation, and the newly released videos on the Church Asin at Liwanag, Tinapay at Alak), to cultural subjects (Sa Duyan ng Sining on the national artists and Haha Popi on Chinese Filipinos), to socio-political issues (Eleksyong Pinoy). One video project that is being undertaken is Lupang Hinarang, a documentary about the challenges of agrarian reform in the country where farmers rarely own the land they till. We believe it is a worthwhile project, but it still lacks funding.

In 2000, JesCom stumbled upon an alternative video format: music videos or MTV. Producing music videos came as a happy discovery for JesCom, given a prolific and vibrant music arm in JMM, and an experienced in-house video production team in search of a medium for communicating with the youth. With original Filipino Jesuit music being sung in churches all over the Philippines and in Filipino communities abroad, and with the popularity of MTV among young generations everywhere, it was most natural—even obligatory—for JesCom to venture into producing its own music videos.

Today, we are pleased to note that majority of the local TV networks broadcast our music videos regularly at sign-on and sign-off, and at other times. Our MTVs also appear frequently in The Filipino Channel on US cable. Such exposure plus the Catholic Mass Media Award (CMMA) for Best MTV (2001) given to us for the music video of Pananagutan (composed by Fr. Eddie Hontiveros, SJ) encourage us and inspire us to continue in our work.

For a whole year, JesCom produced a TV show, Sundays for Skeptics, a TV Mass aired from March 2002 to 2003. It was shown on Studio 23 and its primary target was the youth, especially those who have questions about the faith or who find very little meaning in going to Mass, and simply attend to fulfill an obligation (if at all). Our goal was to help our viewers rediscover the beauty, poetry, and intimacy of Sunday Mass. We were very encouraged by the very good feedback we received since the pilot episode. However, we had to terminate the show due to financial constraints. With the success we attained from Sundays for Skeptics, we intend to produce another meaningful show given the right opportunity and adequate financial resources.

Early this year, JesCom opened a new facility called The Garage: JesCom Creative Technologies. The Garage aims to answer the demand for training in video post-production and multimedia production, especially in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Through Jesuit linkages, The Garage hopes to attract students from the region who cannot afford to get training in the West. A wide range of courses are offered, some of which are: word and data processing, desktop publishing, graphics design, web design, video editing and video production.

With SEEK29766, JesCom has also ventured into spreading the Good News through cellular phones. Using SMS (short message sending) technology, JesCom broadcasts daily reflections about the readings used at Mass, Church feasts, and finding God in everyday life. Subscribers can also text in their questions about the Catholic faith and be assured of getting a reply from a Jesuit. Prayer requests are just a text message away, as are downloads of ringtones of Jesuit songs, logos, and picture messages.

JesCom also has a radio program, Pasakalye, aired on Catholic Media Network-affiliated AM stations. Pasakalye won the 2001 Catholic Mass Media Award for Best Radio Program on Counseling and Public Service. There is also a publications division at JesCom specializing in Jesuit-related topics, and JesCom recently absorbed the operations of the Catechists’ Foundation of the Philippines to promote the catechetical ministry.

All these different works fall under JesCom’s mission to see Christ in the world. Christ is present in all aspects of human life, and it is our modest goal for him to be recognized in the world. Our music, videos, publications, and various programs are all directed towards raising the consciousness of people to the abiding presence of Christ in the world. JesCom is presently headed by Fr. Peter Pojol, SJ.

If you wish to participate in our mission, especially to put us back on TV or to help finance our video on agrarian reform, you may wish to make a financial contribution. Checks addressed to Jesuit Communications Foundation, Inc. may be sent to us at Sonolux Building, Ateneo de Manila University, PO Box 245 U.P. Post Office, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines. For inquiries, you may email us at or visit our website at

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